Tuesday, January 24, 2012


_MG_1099 copy

Owen has very few days left in his little crib. His big boy bed is all ordered and ready to go by next week. I'm sad because he is ready too. He told me the other day- "Owen want big boy bed mommy, put crib away! All done crib!" I snuck up to his room to get him up from his nap the other day and took a few shots of him waking up.
_MG_1102 copy

_MG_1105 copy

_MG_1107 copy

Nothing too stunning photographically here, but need to catch these last moments of baby-hood.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


IMG_0080 copy

Finally got some snow here in Buffalo. Unfortunately while the flakes were pretty, they were coming so fast that I couldn't get a good isolated flake like I wanted. It quickly turned into pellets after 30 minutes. Here's another-

IMG_0079 copy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 52: Self

IMG_0074 copy

Well it's the final week of the blog. No I did not make it all the way through the year, but I sure gave it a good try. I had planned all year on doing a self-portrait for the last week because they are really challenging. It's extremely hard to get yourself in front of the camera, both logistically and self-consciously. I'm about 2 weeks away from the beginning of pregnancy fat face, so it was now or never.
I don't have a remote for camera either, so I have to set a timer then run and get into position...not so fun. My trusty assistant also wanted in on the fun, so there's some of him too. I couldn't get him to stop taking pictures...

IMG_0059 copy

IMG_9996 copy

IMG_0042 copy

IMG_0003 copy

IMG_0048 copy

Thanks to everyone who has been following and commenting on the blog through the year. I really appreciate the feedback. I am going to keep it going through next year, although I doubt I will be posting every single week. Keep checking for updates.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 51: Delayed but still cute

IMG_9701 copy

This is delayed for a good reason. This was my sister's Christmas card and I didn't want to post it before she had a chance to send it out. These are my beautiful nieces and nephew. My sister literally gave me about 5 minutes notice to do a 10 minute photo shoot with her kiddos for her card (typical Sara ha ha) I did their hair quickly and took them out to my parents' yard.
This is also the first photo that I tried a head swap with. Natalie (the oldest) had this much cuter smile in another picture, but the other two looked better in this one, so I swapped her head. I was pretty proud for my first try. Here's some others.


IMG_9705 copy


I know I'm behind on the year. I had told myself that my last photo of the year would be what every photographer dreads...a self portrait. I am going to do it one of these days and will post it when I get the time.