Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nunzio 2 years later

Here's my old buddy Nunzio, whom I had the pleasure of photographing as a newborn. He's now two years old, which is just crazy to me. The whole family got in on the action on a perfect photography day. Taking pics of a very busy 2 year old can be challenging sometimes to say the least, but we had enough candy and ducks to keep everyone happy. IMG_1645 copy IMG_1691 copy IMG_1664BW IMG_1777 copy IMG_1709 BW IMG_1650 copy IMG_1750 copy .....and my personal favorite (just knowing this crew) IMG_1737 copy

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baby Eleanora

IMG_1623 copy Meet sweet baby Eleanora. She was the most perfect little newborn ever! Congrats to the Gigante family on their growing brood of girls. I'd love to work with you guys anytime- photogenic family for sure. IMG_1558BW IMG_1576 copy IMG_1634BW IMG_1524 copy IMG_1601 copy IMG_1636 BW IMG_1556 copy

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And baby makes 4

IMG_1200 copy Meet the Gigante's. Aren't they so cute? They took a break from moving into their new home to fix themselves up and take some photos. Pretty ambitious I think! We had a great shoot besides the photo-bombing ducks! IMG_1218BW IMG_1240 copy IMG_1263BW IMG_1288 copy IMG_1296 copy IMG_1317BW

Lucas Edward

IMG_1015 copy Meet little Lucas. I am quite smitten with this little guy, especially considering that he's my nephew. I love his cute strawberry blonde hair especially. I didn't have all my usual gear with me for this shoot since it was during a vacation trip and the trunk was full, but we worked with what we had just fine. IMG_0988 copy IMG_1012 BW IMG_1059 copy IMG_0990 BW Love you little guy and congrats Dani and Chris!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jack Attack

IMG_0410BW Meet baby Jack. Big brother is Wesley, who was the first newborn I ever photographed. Jack was the easiest newborn I have ever photographed. He slept like a dream the entire time and was so easy to pose. Thanks to mommy Lisa for her continued support of my photography, as she was first one to let me give it a try with her newborn years ago. IMG_0403BW IMG_0476 copy IMG_0507BW IMG_0427BW IMG_0570 copy IMG_0540 copy IMG_0517 copy IMG_0514BW

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mama to Be

IMG_0328BW This is my beautiful sister Danielle with my little nephew in her belly. I was visiting for her shower and we decided to do some pics of her the day after, which I'm so glad we did. She has a beautiful yard that we used for the shots, and since she's my sister I got to try some different lighting and poses with her and she wasn't allowed to complain. I can't wait to meet little Lucas! IMG_0283 copy IMG_0309BW IMG_0299 copy IMG_0316BW IMG_0286 copy IMG_0378 copy IMG_0302BW

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stella Blue

IMG_0005 copy Meet little miss Stella. This beauty belongs to Jennifer (maternity photos 1/19). Stella was an angel for her photo session and Mommy had lots of fun props for us to try out. IMG_9932 copy IMG_9938 copy copy IMG_0024 copy IMG_0032 copy IMG_9951 copy copy IMG_9989 copy IMG_9998 copy